Fundraising BBQ and Film Screening (supporting refugees through the ASRC)

Together with our friends from the JCU Christian Union, we will be holding a barbecue and film screening on Wednesday the 7th of May in support of refugees.

The barbecue will run from 11AM to 2PM between the Library and Education Central, where we will be selling sausages and cold drinks.

In the evening there will be a screening of “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” in room 3-001. Doors open at 6:30 for a 7PM start. Entry is free however the opportunity will be available to make a donation at the conclusion of the event.

All profits from these events will go to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, a largely community-funded charity organisation which has helped thousands of refugees in Australia since its inception in 2001.

For more information about the ASRC:


If you are interested in volunteering at either the BBQ or screening, the regular JCU Humanists meeting on Monday the 5th of May will be given over to information and planning for these events, so feel free to join us at 7PM in DB23-004 for more information!


2 thoughts on “Fundraising BBQ and Film Screening (supporting refugees through the ASRC)

  1. russell says:

    No sticking on buildings or columns poles or posts etc………………..Advertising must be electronic-not on Posts etc.
    Please advise your helpers to use notice boards to place any advertising- I don’t want to hear it-notice boards are not looked at!-Tripe-the cost of painting removal of posters and associated- is ridiculous.-It ceases OK?
    Blunt- yep-I been chasing the information trail for a long while- let it be known generally please that this is not a practice that is any longer condoned at JCU(never was).
    Russell Jones- Estate Office Maintenance Team Leading Hand.4781 5632
    {With due respect to your ideals- keep up the good work, however please do not contaminate our environment with Tape and Paper that is so costly to remedy.}

    • Hi Russell, so sorry about this!

      I am aware that placing posters on walls, poles, etc. is not acceptable and when putting up advertising material around campus I have always limited placement to designated notice boards in the past.

      Unfortunately the posters which were recently put up to promoting our upcoming Semester 2 events were placed by a member of our group who was unaware of JCU policy on advertising. It was a mistake on my part not making him aware of this beforehand, and I apologise and take full responsibility for the situation. It won’t happen again.


      Joel Tann
      JCU Humanists

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